The Covid-19 pandemic changed the United Kingdom forever. To this day we are still feeling the effects.

This tapestry is being created by the UK Covid-19 Inquiry, the independent public inquiry set up to examine the UK’s response to and impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, to help to ensure that people who suffered hardship and loss remain at the heart of what we do.

Broken Hearts

After hearing the stories, the idea of a broken heart emerged. It was said they were “crying tears of broken hearts, raining down on me”. The Covid cell circle has a circle of hearts. The tartan background is a reference to the many beautiful colours in the Highlands of Scotland, the many threads that make up the many stories of Covid and its impact. The quiet blue colours represent sadness and thoughts of those lost.

Created by Andrew Crummy, following conversations with members of Scottish Covid Bereaved.

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Little Comfort

This work explores some of the emotions and experiences associated with Long Covid. It is an expression of the abandonment and displacement experienced by so many, and an attempt to communicate this through gestures and marks while still retaining a subtle sense of hope. It is one artist’s interpretation of the subject and not a universal representation of this complex and debilitating condition.

Created by Daniel Freaker, following conversations with members of Long Covid SOS, Long Covid Support, Long Covid Kids and Long Covid Nurses and Midwives.

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Eyes Forced Shut

This work is about the disempowerment and loss of freedoms experienced by patients and their relatives in care homes. Of them not being able to see and how isolation kills the vulnerable.

Created by Catherine Chinatree, following conversations with members of Care Campaign for the Vulnerable.

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The Important Thing Is That You Care

Night, light, sight and loss. A home becomes a house, a tool, the border for communication and caring. All together but all alone.

Created by Marie Jones, following conversations with a bereaved person from Wales.

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